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Mount Royal Community Association

Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2011 

Attendees:  Debra Law, Tina Dargan, Peter Haley, Laura Brown, Denise Ross, Megan McCarthy, Elisa Iozzo, Susan Petersen, Martha Pinzon, Darlene Bruce, Candice Selby, Krista de Silva, Bob Weaver, Jane Keyser, Rosanne Woods 

Meeting Commences:  7:10pm 

1.  Minutes from Dec 6, 2010

      Revisions: 1.  Denise not being replaced as membership director by Geraldine

Motion to approve December minutes as amended by Bob, second by Krista. 

2.  Community Development

      This committee is currently headed by Peter.  During Peter’s lengthy absence there was no committee member available to review the applications that were sent over by the city and they became backlogged.  The City allowed several permit applications to go ahead with no review by the community.  Darlene led a discussion concerning the need for a 4-5 member committee that would be willing to meet regularly and review all applications sent over by the city.  It was decided the committee will be comprised of a minimum of 3 members and ideally will have 4-5 which will meet regularly.  Darlene and Peter will both serve on this committee.  Martha also expressed interest in the committee. 

Motion by Candace to form a Community Development Committee with a minimum of 3 members which will consider and review any permit applications being reviewed by the City and will also provide leadership on the development of community land and facilities. Second by Bob.   

      Darlene provided an update on the Station renovation.  The current plan is to double the width of the deck for the full length of the station house.  This is significantly different from the original design ideas by Robert Merchant so tracking down the old sketches is no longer necessary.  Peter had some new sketches done and has met with a contractor who suggested an estimate of about $45,000.  Peter will pass along the information to Darlene who will coordinate with Candace and Susan regarding the playground refurbishing. 

3.  Treasurer’s Report – Laura 

      General account - $73,133.86

      Casino account - $92,356.91 

An extension on the use of casino funds has been requested and approval is pending by the gaming commission.  The FCC who audits the books appears to have misplaced some paperwork that is needed to complete the application for extension.  Discussion took place regarding whether to continue to use FCC as our auditors.  It was felt that regardless of the lost paperwork, the FCC is a very useful resource for the Board and the audit cost of $2500 is far less than we would pay elsewhere.  Going forward vendors will be asked to submit invoices in duplicate and anyone turning over invoices or receipts to Laura should provide copies.  Debra met with FCC in December and found them very helpful in providing resources in community leadership.  We can build a better partnership with patience.  They are considered very reputable with governing authorities like the gaming commission and CRA. 

      The Peter Hughes invoice is still outstanding as they did not respond to Laura’s question as to when the permanent railing will be installed.  It was suggested a significant hold back be kept until the railing is complete. 

4.  Directors Reports 

      Membership – Denise

      Newsletter – Candace/Susan

5.   Old Business

      Tennis Court Fencing

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm by Debra. Second by Krista. 

Next meeting February 7th, 2011 at 7pm.