7:08 pm Meeting Commences

In attendance : Megan, Darlene, Mary Lou, Bob, Debra, Charlene, Laura, Candice and Krista

1. Mary Lou motion to approve November’s minutes, Bob seconds.

2. Vice President appointment : Mary Lou motions to appoint Krista de Silva as VP. Laura seconds. Everyone is in favour.

3. Treasurer : Laura. $75,000 in general account, $92,863.88 from casino.

Audit was at the end of August. FCC – we have a lot of missing documents.

4. By-law needs to be registered with Edmonton. VP will get them registered.

Need to prepare a budget. Oct 2009, there are NO Minutes. Nothing is valid if there are no minutes. May not have had a meeting. There are missing cheques from the 2009 progressive dinner.

Laura gave old plans to Darlene.

5. (Director)

Please write job description for the incoming people who are taking over your positions.


Drive for renewing memberships in January. Denise is passing it on to Geraldine.

Candice – Newsletter January 12th deadline. Need a Skating Day date.

Community Development – Money for improving the facilities needs to be spent before the next meeting. Money has been allotted to facilities. Peter Hailey? He was in charge of getting the deck redone.

Debra is going to contact Peter about the Development Committee meetings.

Community Events

Need date for skating party – ML emailed Elisa to request date

Facilities – Tina away. Bob Merchant would like to help with the deck.

Traffic – Bob Weaver – in October, he walked around with members of the City of Calgary’s Roads Engineer and District Supervisor (and one other, didn’t get title).

We need to improve signage. Standardize no turn signage and extend 8:30am to 9:00am. Bob is going to write a letter to the City asking for the extended time. We need to address cut through traffic, Mount Royal Highway and Royal/8 St (ie. Speed bumps).

Maintenance agreement with MRC and the City - History - refused to sign.

We plant the islands and splitters and maintain them. The City recognizes that, but MRCA would be liable. Jeff Halloway wrote up some discussion points, he also says the agreement does not mention liability. Bob will draft an agreement and send to the City.

Urban Forest and Graffiti – Charlene

She would like two people to help remove graffiti. She would like more trees planted around community house. Would like to change fence along 10 St (chain link fence). Some would like to change tennis fence.

Safety – Megan

Liaison officer is different. She has contacted the new guy : Constable Goundrey District 2-2 and 2-3. She is concerned about basement suites. Nenshi is passing a law which allows secondary suites. Cameras going into community hall. We should be able to monitor them via the internet. Jane Perry is in charge.

Playground – Candice

Solid surface $175,000 quote, but with grants and the city, it can be $20,000-50,000.

Look into March 15th application and a Sub-committee meeting in Feb. Does it extend to the basketball court?

Chain link fence-options for upgrade or replacement

Parking – Bob

Parking in MR. Concerns are 7 St. & 10 St. & Earl Grey. Can we put up parking restrictions, passes or hours? Needs more research.

Casino application (Dec) Debra and Perry (?)

John Merrymen was Committee Liaison, was here to oversee in the past, but not in attendance Dec 6th meeting.


Meeting Adjourned 8:54 pm