Mount Royal Community Association Meeting – Monday June 7, 2010



Debra Law

Jane Perry

Denise Ross

Marsha Hales

Mary Lou McCormick

Elisa Iozzo

Jane Keyser

Laura Brown

Bob Weaver

Peter Haley


Meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.


1)      Marsha Hales moved to accept the minutes of the May meeting; this was seconded by Mary Lou McCormick. All were in favour.


2)       Treasurer’s Report: Laura Brown. As of June 7, 2010, the MRCA has the following funds: General Account: $66,556.93, Casino Funds: $108,322.01. There has been in a delay in current bookkeeping as the Federation of Communities has requested more reporting and documentation. Personal cheques should not be written for reimbursement of expenditures undertaken on behalf of the MRCA. In all cases, MRCA cheques should be used. The FCC now requires forms to be filled out for all expenditures such as the annual BBQ, the Progressive Dinner, the skating party, and any other community events. All documentation must be on MRCA letterhead; this includes paying help for community events or for purchasing supplies for said events, and for receipts or requests for receipts. This requirement is in place because the FCC does the bookkeeping for the MRCA. Jane Keyser will be in possession of the chequebook for the summer.


3)      Expansion of the Deck: Peter Haley. Peter is in possession of some drawings for the deck expansion which have been done by Tony Williams. As the clubhouse was not built according to the plans that were drawn for it, Peter has met with the contractor to determine which alternatives would be suitable. Two options are available. Option 1 estimate is $33,000 and Option 2 is $48,000. These both include a 15% contingency, and do not include GST. The contractor feels the estimates are conservative, and both options would require supports that would impinge on the playground. Concrete foundation and stone up to the deck would be required in either option. Pete will have detailed drawings and firmer pricing for both options by the September meeting. It is his, (Peter Haley) opinion that Option 2 is the better choice, as it would be more functional. Mary Lou McCormick moved to adopt Option 2, and this was seconded by Marsha Hales. John Merriman will forward information on applying for the development permit with the City. A special meeting will be convened to approve the plans and apply for a development permit. Peter will advise on this, but would expect to call this meeting somewhere around July 10 so that construction can begin in the fall.



4)      Replacement of the steps: Bob Weaver. There are two estimates to consider for this work, the lower of which Bob feels is the best alternative. This estimate was done by Peter Hughes who has done a lot of work in the neighbourhood and is known to be fair and reliable. The estimate is $10,000 plus GST. Bob moved that we accept this quote and engage Peter Hughes; this was seconded by Jane Perry. All were in favour. The new steps will be the same as those on the south side of the building. This job will require the vent for the new hot water tank to be moved, and we are waiting on a quote for this. The vent for the furnace will also need to be moved for the deck project. Bob will contact Peter Hughes about this work as well.


       5)  Revised agreement for the Optional Amenities Agreement. Bob Weaver. This                                              

             Agreement is now more specific to the MRCA responsibilities that are involved.                                                                                                                

            The agreement is now for 10 years instead of in perpetuity. Charlene Anderson,                                                                                                          

(former President of the MRCA and a lawyer) was very concerned about item 5 in the agreement, which indemnifies the City from any legal recourse regarding the splitter islands. She recommended that the MRCA board do not sign the document. Mary Lou McCormick suggested that we ask the City to take out item 5 and reduce the term to 3 years. Also, the executive should be notified if the splitter islands are not maintained, before the city sends a representative out to investigate. Our options are: 1) sign the document as is, 2) sign with suggested modifications, or 3) do not sign anything at all. After general discussion, Mary Lou McCormick moved that we do not sign the document; this was seconded by Jane Perry. The majority were in favour. This is the second time in 2 years that this document has been discussed.


6)      Life Cycle Plan, Capital Conservation Grant: Jane Keyser. Jane has just received the application, which goes toward the completion of the Life Cycle Plan for the community. The application must be in by October 1, and we will be notified by December 7 if we are eligible to receive a grant for the study.


7)      BBQ: Elisa Iozzo. About 20 signs were put out; the DJ is hired for $650. Jane Perry is on top of all the details. Two more garbage cans are required, and Elisa will buy these at Home Depot. We have 4 volunteers serving beer and wine, 1 selling tickets, and 3 BBQ’ers at all times. The event is from 6-10 pm. Denise will set up and man a membership table. A reminder email will be sent out immediately to get more people out, the tennis courts will be locked during the party.


8)      Security/Surveillance: Jane Perry. Jane has three companies lined up to provide quotes over the next week. She will send the quotes to Jane Keyser, and suggests a small committee be struck to decide on which company to go with. She is estimating the cost to come in around $5,000-7,000. This would come out of the casino funds.


9)      Tennis: Jane Perry. The tennis program is going well; keys are being handed out as people request, and meet the requirements to have a key.


10)   Job Descriptions for Board Positions: Debra Law. Debra has an outline on how to fill out and create a job description for each position. She will compile these and create an official form so they are on record and will provide direction for future boards.


11)   Membership: Denise Ross. As of June 7, we have 225 members. The mail out was successful, as was emailing, and the newsletter. She recommends keeping all advertising venues, including signage in the community.


12)   Newsletter: Marsha Hales. Marsha is collecting monies from advertisers; please pass along anything you may have been given to Laura Brown, The next newsletter will be much smaller.


13)   Graffiti: City police will respond immediately to a 911 call for an act of graffiti in progress.


14)   Hockey Agreement with Centennial Arenas – MRCA’s ownership in this arena is 3.3% - the collective ownership wants us to reduce our share to because the other owners, (Elbow Park and Rideau/Roxboro) have given more money to the facility. Also, we need to sign a declaration/agreement with the Gaming Commission to return monies if the building is ever sold. We have a representative from Mount Royal at the meetings for the arena, Neil Gledhill was proposed as the new rep. Debra Law suggested that we ask someone from Elbow Park to explain the agreement in greater detail to us, Bob Lehodey is that community’s President. Jane Keyser will call him.


15)   Progressive Dinner: Mary Lou McCormick. This is set for October 23. Mary Lou asked the board to start networking to get houses for dinners. The “Progressive Dinner” name will be changed, as people think it is a political dinner, we need 12 houses for dinners; attendance last year was approximately 100 people.


Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm. Next meeting is Monday September 13, 2010 at 7 pm.