Mount Royal Community Association Meeting – Monday May 3, 2010



Jane Keyser

Elisa Iozzo

Peter Haley

Marsha Hales

Bob Weaver

Jane Perry

Candace Selby

Laura Brown

John Merriman – The City of Calgary

Nancy Calvin

Meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m.

1) Correction to the Minutes of April 12, 2010 meeting:

Item number 8 is clarified to read: "The MRCA has a 1/3 ownership of 96/100 units in the Centennial Arena. Funds from the casino revenue were dedicated to help with the expansion of this facility and should the building be sold, we would need to return the fund to the Gaming Commission". Peter Haley moved that this correction to the Minutes be accepted, this was seconded by Marsha Hales, all in favour.

2) Elisa Iozzo – June BBQ

Elisa is receiving lots of calls to volunteer, most of the details will be determined a couple of weeks ahead of time. Still need to secure a liquor licence, and organize for delivery and set-up of the food. Will likely hire a DJ instead of a band, as this is much less expensive.

3) Update on Facilities – Peter Haley

The hot water system has been installed. Paint has been purchased to paint the fence around the tennis courts.

4) Addition to the Deck – Peter Haley

Peter has suggested two options:

  1. extend the length of the deck by about 10 feet. This would give an additional 600 sq ft of space, currently the deck is 7 feet wide. This would require posts and footings and replacement of the entire deck as the current deck is designed with cantilevers. Part of the existing railing could be used. Peter estimates the cost for this option to be approximately $25,000. John Merriman points out that for projects of a cost of $25,000 or more, a development permit is required. The cost of this is anywhere from $3,000 - $28,000.
  2. Construct a bigger deck. Run the deck to both ends of the building which would add 21 feet of length, and add 8 feet of depth. Total additional space would be 840 sq ft. This would require more supports and additional material than option a, and Peter estimates the cost to be $40,000 plus the development permit cost. The design of either option must be able to carry a snow load.

John Merriman mentioned that up to $5,000 in funding is available for conceptual drawings and he will track down the application form. Bob Weaver suggested that the new deck should be attached to the existing stairways outside, additionally the north steps are in need of improvement. Peter recommends keeping the stairs separate to discourage easy access to a "party deck" from those visiting the park. He agreed that the north stairs should be improved. There was general discussion around support for a larger deck as this may encourage greater rental revenue from increased use of the facilities. Jane Perry moved and Laura Brown seconded, a motion to move forward with the deck project by getting drawings and cost estimates for both options. All were in favour. Peter Haley will secure these, and hopes to have them ready for the June meeting. Bob Weaver moved to secure quotes from a landscaping company to replace the north steps, seconded by Marsha Hales; all in favour.

As a separate motion, Elisa Iozzo moved that the board undertake a deck project. This was seconded by Bob Weaver and the majority were in favour, Candace Selby abstained.

5) Optional Amenities Agreement – Bob Weaver

Bob Weaver presented this document from the City, which is an agreement IN PERPETUITY between the MRCA and the City, whereby the MRCA agrees to plant and maintain the splitter islands approaching the traffic circles in the neighbourhood. Jane Perry moved, and Nancy Calvin seconded, a motion to ask for a legal opinion on whether the board should sign this document. Charlene Anderson and Glenda Campbell will be consulted on the matter.

6) Lifecycle Study and Grant – To make an application for this, the MRCA

needs to have projects that would qualify. Currently, we do not have anything. The deck expansion would not apply as it is considered an addition to the existing facility. There is funding for up to $10,000 for a plan and the next application is in the fall. The tennis courts will require re-surfacing in three years; this would apply to the plan. Bob Weaver moved and Jane Perry seconded a motion to apply for a Capital Conservation Grant to have a Lifecycle study done. The majority were in favour.

7) Surveillance Estimate - Laura Brown reports that the system would require internet service in order to monitor. Casino funds may be used for this purpose. Volunteers would be required to monitor, perhaps on a rotational basis? Jane Perry will table for the next meeting.

8) Communications – On May 11 7-9 pm John Mar is hosting a meeting for discussion on the new fire hall on 14th street, at the South Calgary Community Center. Bob Weaver stated that the MRCA should support this expansion, and encourage the city to add more fire equipment and ambulance services. Candace Selby asked for newsletter submissions by June 7.

9) Tennis Proposal – Jane Perry

Jane has come across two high school students who instruct children in a summer program in the communities of Rideau, Roxboro, and Mayfair. Jane proposed a summer tennis program for children on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-7 pm, classes organized by age group. The instructor’s rate is $20 per hour. Jane proposes charging $50 per child for the program, which would be a break even proposition for the MRCA. The instructors would co-ordinate all of the classes and collect the fees on behalf of the MRCA. Membership in the community is required to participate. Candace Selby moved, and Bob Weaver seconded, a motion to proceed with the program, as long as we don’t exceed an operating loss of $200.

10) Treasurer’s Report – Laura Brown

We currently have $64,116.36 in the general account, and $110,995.19 in the casino funds account. The monies in the casino funds must be spent by May 2011.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m. The nest meeting is on June 7, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.