Minutes for the meeting of the Mount Royal Community Association Board Members – April 12, 2010


Marsha Hales

Denise Ross

Tina Dargan

Elisa Iozzo

Laura Brown

Mary Lou McCormick

Jane Keyser

Tina Dargan

Bob Weaver

Candice Selby

Debra Law

Guest: John Merriman, The City of Calgary Community Recreation Co-ordinator

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Mary Lou accepted minutes, Elisa second. All in favour.

1) Treasures Report presented by Laura:

Funds update as of March 1, 2010:

General Account: $63,886.06

Casino Account: $111,190.48

Calgary Federation (Heidi) keeping Laura posted as necessary, regarding deadlines to spend money.

2) Community Events presented by Elisa Iozzo

June the family BBQ: deposit of $1096.72 has been made for tents, chairs. Discussion regarding deposits – best to get invoice then proceed to have Laura cut a cheque, where possible. Susan Walsh has been a great help to Elisa – thank you!

* Prior to the Family BBQ set up, 311 to be called in order to ensure tents are not placed on/over and hazards.

* Liquor licence required prior to event

* Closer to date, begin soliciting volunteers to assist at/before/after BBQ.

* Ensure tables are set up for membership, graffiti

* Great to put upcoming BBQ on front page of newsletter - very effective.

* Denise to send out community email 2 weeks prior to BBQ

* Sandwich boards and posters to be made and place in high visibility spots, including school and MRCA fence

*Any recommendations of good DJ’s, please advise Elisa

  1. MRCA Facilities presented by Tina Dargan
  2. *A1 will put the same hot water heater Arpis quoted, for the same price. Installation to be completed by Friday April 16th or Wednesday April 20th.

    * WATER HOSES – Tina has requested assistance and will partner with Sean Kehoe for guidance to ensure the most effective hoses are purchased.

    *Yoga instructor (Jennifer Golding) agreed to help Tina (if she is away over summer) with rentals etc in exchange for a $100 per week MRCA rental for her classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

    *Change room door now locked for spring

    *electrician coming next week to review MRCA

    Marsha requested graffiti on tennis courts be painted over.

    * Roof – has 5 years left – as per life cycle

    * Deck – no further progress. Dagmar or Pete has the original plan that Bob Merchant did. Jane to touch base with Peter, regarding further deck plans.

    *Surveillance discussion – Jane Perry has 1 estimate, as per Jane K. Problem is with internet set up in MRCA clubhouse and monitoring.

    - Who would be willing to monitor cameras on a consistent basis?

    - In lieu of cameras, could signage posted/neighbourhood watch in the park is an effective deterrent?

    Jane Perry to bring forth information and help clarify in order to resolve.

  3. John Merriman, The City of Calgary Community Recreation Co-ordinator talked about Park tour and noted that MR has a ‘naturalized park’ in the city.

*Park issues were brought to Bylaw Services

*Community to report any issues to 311

* Crews to be sent out over the next few weeks in order to clean up

* Provided lease with city and given to Laura

*Noted that current insurance does not cover tennis courts – these should be covered

Will continue to put 311 in community newsletter and promote being diligent at reporting any activity

5) Website

*Jane K looked into Candice’s contact for site. MRCA website is very simple and at this time, potentially can remain ‘as is’. If anyone wants to take on this project and maintain website, please advice.

  1. Membership presented by Denise
  2. * There are currently 176 paid members - good response from flyers and the membership banner.

    * look into Progressive Dinner and Family BBQ banner, with MRCA website noted on them.

    * Potentially take down membership drive banners and use signage at BBQ for membership table

    *will provide a list of paid members at the BBQ

  3. Newsletter present by Marsha and Candice
  4. * Revenue down $1075.00

    * Positive comments and feedback regarding newsletter layout

    * Progressive Dinner to be front page for next newsletter

    8) Traffic Update presented by Bob

    Reported that there the agreement with the city that they will take care of large roundabouts and that the splitter islands the community will take care of. It will be up to the community to plant and maintain 8th & Frontnac, Carlton and Frontnac and Carlton and Premier way. The first two splitter islands have already been taken care of by the community.

    * $1000.00 donation was apparently provided to cover such costs. Laura located a $1000.00 donation (Brett W) but apparently it was marked VOID.

    Bob motioned that cost of splitter islands within reason, max of $1000, for top soil and cotoneasters only, be reimbursed to the respective community persons. Second by Marsha. All in favour.

    *Jane and Bob to walk neighbourhood

  5. Discussion of Hockey

MRCA has a 1/3rd ownership into Centennial Arena that was paid though Casino funds.

Casino representatives would like us to sign a document that would ensure they would get their money back, should we change this ownership.

Agreed that we would keep our interest (1/3rd). Potentially ‘Niel', with 4 boys, may be interested in looking into this further.

9) River and Park coming up on May 2nd

10) Debra working on job descriptions for directors


The next meeting of the MRCA board will be held on Monday May 3rd, 2010 at 7 p.m.


Meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m.