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Minutes for the meeting of the Mount Royal Community Association Board Members – March 1, 2010 


Debra Law

Marsha Hales

Jane Keyser

Tina Dargan

Bob Weaver

Nancy Calvin

Laura Brown

Candace Selby 

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. Jane Keyser introduced John Merriman – The City of Calgary Community Recreation Co-ordinator whose role is to work directly with community associations on accessing City services. He would like to attend the MRCA monthly board meetings and is pleased to offer any assistance in liaising with the City. A visit to the natural area behind the Glencoe is planned with the Parks and Recreation department to address the problem of homeless people living there. John will report back on the action plan as a result of this visit at the next meeting. He will also advise the board on the Federation of Calgary Communities form that details the roles and responsibilities of the Directors for the MRCA. 

1) Minutes of the February 1, 2010 meeting were motioned for approval by Candace Selby, seconded by Laura Brown. All in favour. 

2) Treasurers Report:

A total of $4,650 was paid via PayPal for last year’s membership. 

Funds update as of March 1, 2010:

General Account: $59,251.47

Casino Account: $119,984.89 

Casino fund usage:

$6,500 – locks

$250 – website

$6,800 plus $2,000 for hoses – hot water system

$25,000 – deck

$5,000 – video

$3,000 – tennis court resurfacing

$25,000 – roof 

Laura will send an email to the Gaming Commission documenting these expenses and ask for a one year extension to complete them.   

3) Update on Mount Royal Station Locks and Hardware, Water Heater for the Ice rink supply, and Cross testing: 

Tina Dargan has secured three quotes on the hot water tank system: Arpis, Pete the Plumber, and A1 Chesney. The last company also services furnaces and appeared very thorough; they would include servicing the furnace along with the water heater. Tina will confirm that all three companies have quoted on the same unit, as there is a large price spread between them, (3,700$ - 6,800$). Arpis has stated they will not be undersold, so they should be able to lower their bid as it is the highest of the three.  

The new locks and locking system is complete and installed. A 15$ deposit is required for anyone to have a key; this is the replacement cost as these keys cannot be copied. Debra Law will draw up a key accountability agreement for anyone who has a key. Membership to the community is required in order to have a key. Jane Perry and Denise Ross will coordinate getting tennis keys to members who have paid for the tennis membership. Jane Keyser suggested adding an email address to the website, tennis@mrca...... for any inquiries regarding tennis. The coded lock in the basement is programmable; 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. is programmed for the skating season. The board needs to decide what hours should be in effect outside of the skating season. Debra Law suggested that a sign be posted downstairs for procedures on using the lock system, should the need arise.  

4) John Mar, our Alderman, unexpectedly joined the meeting. He wanted to emphasize that he is available to help with any concerns in the community that involve the City. His email address is  Mr. Mar communicated that a resident of the community has been in touch with him regarding the landscaping of the traffic circles. Mar has committed to seeing that this will be completed, and added that this is the last of the traffic measures to be employed in Mount Royal. Bob Weaver emphatically disagreed with this, noting that the community was promised 21 different traffic measures, 9 of which are complete. Mar agreed to meet with Bob to discuss the remaining measures and specifically, to address signage and the safety of the pedestrian crosswalk at 8 Street and Royal Avenue. Mar also reported that the City is about to appoint a new Traffic Manager.

Mar reported new crime statistics for the neighbourhood: vandalism of cars is down 50%, crimes against persons are down 35.7%, and property crime is down 27.3%. There are 365 new police officers in the City, 78 of which are in Ward 8, and 68 are on beat patrol.

Mar reports that Fire Station #5 on 14 Street will be rebuilt north of the existing building and will be expanded to three bays. It will be constructed in such a way to prevent the trucks from having to turn around on 14 Street in order to access the bays. EMS services will be added with one ambulance. Lastly, Mar noted that residents should call 311 to report graffiti, and for a $25 fee, the City will send a cleaning service within a day or two.  

5) Traffic Update:

Bob Weaver reported that there is a petition in the neighbourhood with 32 names, calling for completion of the traffic measures.  

6) Membership:

Marsha Hales reports a good response from flyers and the membership banner. Approximately $3,000 in membership fees have come in during the last month. 

The next meeting of the MRCA board will be held on Monday April 12, 2010 at 7 p.m. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.