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Minutes for the meeting of the MRCA Board Members – February 1, 2010  


Jane Keyser

Candace Selby

Denise Ross

Tina Dargan

Elisa Iozzo

Marsha Hales

Jane Perry

Laura Brown

Mary Lou McCormick

Debra Law 

Meeting called to order by Marsha Hales at 7:15 p.m. 

  1. Minutes from January 11, 2010 approved. Mary Lou McCormick, Tina second.
  1. Tina Dargan – MRCA Facilities
  1. Laura Brown – Treasury Report – Casino money – on track for how much and where we are spending on Capital expenditures.  “Colin” might have copies of past applications.  Laura has the casino information and will go through again.  Laura recommends that a file be designated for all pertinent files to keep orderly and in one central location.  Jane recommended setting up file. 
  1. Jane Perry has looked into cameras for MRCA building.  Provided information as to what cameras would cover what, through Triple A Security.  Require a place to keep internal camera hardware locked up.  Jane to provide 2 quotes by March with the cameras operation by April.
  1. Membership: Denise Ross advises that the membership drive signs have been ordered.  Denis has compiled a list of members and of the 600 emails sent out, 109 came back ‘denied’.  A mail out was reviewed and suggestions made.  Mail out to be delivered, like newsletter to all respective Mount Royal residents by the following week.  Glenco to potentially assist with print out.  Paying by PayPal; appears to be operational on the website – members can fill in form and pay on line.
  1. Website: Jane Keyser put forth the difficulty finding someone to review website.  Candace may have someone who might be able to assist.  What do we want on the web site?
  1. Fire hall Meeting – New fire hall proposal for 14th street.  Information on new site to be sent via Denise – link on website.  Jane to forward Denise information.
  1. Community Events: Elisa Iozzo initiated discussion around when in June the family BBQ should be held.  Discussion around what date had the best turn out – Jane to look back and send email regarding the largest noted turn out.  Budget usually $5-7K, with the tents being a large portion of the cost. 
  1. Discussion regarding Police liaison and Block watch on February 16th – presentation a South Calgary regarding opening up a Chapter. 
  1. Tennis: Members to pay $15 per key.  Newsletter will contain information regarding Tennis program.  New sign to provide rules of play.  Jane will look at tennis courts, when they were last done (J Holloway) and review with Tina, as it appears the court may have been done 7 years ago for 17K.
  1. Newsletter: Marsha reports she is currently collecting information for the March 12th deadline.  Candace Selby suggested including information and pictures from the skating party.  Up coming newsletter requires fire hall update, Graffiti, membership drive and contact Police liaison for article.  In addition, provide how to book the station for events.  Reminder that all articles must be submitted by March 12 for the spring newsletter.
  1. Urban Forest/Graffiti: tabled for next meeting.