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Minutes for the meeting of the MRCA Board Members – January 11, 2010  


Jane Keyser

Peter Haley

Candace Selby

Denise Ross

Tina Dargan

Bob Weaver

Elisa Iozzo

Debbie Law

Marsha Hales

Nancy Calvin 

Meeting called to order by Jane Keyser at 7:40 p.m. 

  1. Minutes from December 7, 2009 approved.
  2. MRCA Website: Jane Keyser advised the web administrator that was managing the website has been let go. The new administrator is reworking the website, and in the meantime, the PayPal option to pay membership dues has been deactivated. The host for the website has been changed as well, so that there is no connection to the 2 previous web site administrators. Expenses for website improvement was approved under Casino revenues. The membership database has not been changed.
  3. Estimates OR Approvals for re-doing the locks and hardware at Mount Royal Station: Tina Dargan has engaged a locksmith to consult on what kind of a new key and lock system the station requires. Several combinations of master and accessory keys were discussed with application to the main doors of the station, including the basement, as well as the tennis courts. Tina has received approval for the initial estimate of $3,700, which includes all new locking systems, but not security keys. Candace has asked for a written proposal for the entire project from the consultant, to be presented at the next meeting. Laura Brown reports that a rough estimate for a new hot water tank for flooding the rink will cost approximately $6,000. Discussion around getting an in-line water heater as opposed to a tank, as this would provide hot water on demand and serve all needs of the station, as well as being more economical. Tina Dargan offered to get a written estimate for this, using Arpis and Scandia Mechanical for quotes. There was discussion around the idea of expanding the deck at the station as a further way of committing casino revenue dollars. Peter Haley will engage an architect to provide an estimate of a substantial expansion of the deck. The money for this project must be committed by April 2010. Video surveillance tabled for a later meeting.
  4. City of Calgary 50/50 Cost Sharing Program for Life Cycle Plans for Community Buildings: if the community wishes to apply for this program, an architect or engineer must prepare estimates for various projects that would qualify. Candace Selby suggested that the roof be inspected and a proposal for replacement be obtained, if this is deemed necessary and is applicable under this program,
  5. Operating Budget: Jane Keyser and Candace Selby called for a formal operating budget to be drawn up. Historical figures indicate an annual operating budget of approximately $40,000 per annum. Candace and Laura will work together on drawing up a budget. The Calgary Federation of Communities audits the financial statements on an annual basis.
  6. Community Events: Elisa Iozzo reports that the Family Skating Party was a success in spite of very cold temperatures. The budget was $600, of which $ 207.86 was spent. There were more volunteers than guests; of 100 guest expected, only 20 showed up. This attributable to the frigid temperatures. The next community event is the Family BBQ in June. A date will be set at the next meeting.
  7. Community Development: Peter Haley advises that there are two applications to consider in the next month. As these minutes go to print, a date has not been set for these. Peter has asked for the station for the 3rd Wednesday of every month to consider any applications.
  8. Facilities: Tina Dargan will have an electrician set up outdoors lights to operate on a timer so the area is lit up at night, this will help prevent vandalism. A reminder was issued that renters of the clubhouse who are non-residents must buy a non-resident membership in addition to paying the rental fee.
  9. Membership: Denise Ross advises that the membership drive for 2010 has started. She is re-designing the membership form for the newsletter to include the option of paying by PayPal; this must be operational on the website before the newsletter goes to print. She will order two banners advertising membership renewal, to be place at Earl Grey School and on the tennis courts fence. Denise is establishing a comprehensive database for the membership, and so far has collected all addresses in the area. She will attempt to contact everyone via email and where this is not available, she will mail out a membership form. Denise issued a motion for approval of expenses of $300 for the banners, and $200 for printing and mailing costs of the membership renewal. Nancy seconded the motion, all in favour.
  10. Newsletter: Marsha reports she is working on the back page of the newsletter to include the email addresses of the executive. She asked for submissions to the newsletter, and will be sure to include an article on the graffiti problem that Charlene Prickett has submitted. Candace Selby suggested including information on how to book the station for events, and an update on the new lock system for the station. Elisa will submit an article on the skating party. All articles must be submitted by March 12 for the spring newsletter.
  11. Urban Forest/Graffiti: tabled for next meeting.