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Minutes for the meeting of the Mount Royal Community Association Board Members – December 07, 2009  


Jane Keyser – President

Denise Ross – Membership

Peter Haley – Community Development

Marsha Hales – Newsletter/ Advertising

Tina Dargan – Facilities

Nancy Calvin – Secretary

Candice Selby – Newsletter/Articles

Charlene Prickett – Urban Forest

Mary Lou McCormick – Community Events

Debra Law – Vice President

Laura Brown – Treasurer

Bob Weaver – Traffic and Safety

Jane Perry – Past President 

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by general concensus. 

Order of Business: 

  1. Approval of Minutes from June 2009 – by acclamation
  2. Finance and Casino revenue:
  1. Facilities – Tina Dargan would like to submit a budget proposal for the operation of the clubhouse. Denise Ross, Jane Perry, and Tina Dargan will meet in January to create a budget for the clubhouse. Also, new guidelines around the rental of the facilities must be put into place. Denise Ross and Tina Dargan will advise on this.
  2. Call for Budgetary Process – Jane Keyser suggested that a budget should be submitted for any aspect of expenditure. This should also record the ways and means of each position for future board members.
  3. Executive Meetings- Jane Keyser proposed the first Monday of each month, and to be held at the clubhouse. Next meeting was set for January 11 at the clubhouse, and Jane will email a schedule to all board members. Jane Keyser called for a list of suggestions and goals for 2010 to be presented at the January 11 meeting.
  4. Traffic Report- Bob Weaver reports that consultant Martin Halliday developed a “no turn” sign plan for the community. This entailed synchronization of all no turn signs to post the same hours, for morning or late afternoon/ evening signs. This was presented to the community, but no documentation followed for review and voting. Bob will track the plan down and submit for review and vote. The City will address signage where there is a safety issue and they have verbally committed to making any traffic changes for safety within budget. There is a concern with high traffic volume on Colbourne and Royal Avenue in lower Mount Royal. The City is open to suggestions. Of particular note, is the intersection of Royal and 8 Street as this is not a controlled intersection and is subject to high pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The traffic safety plan for the Mount Royal Community entailed a list of 21 items, 9 of which have been completed. The traffic circle implementation was a difficult and contentious issue, and for that reason, the community has not immediately pursued the outstanding 11 items from the traffic safety plan. It is now time to revisit the outstanding items. John Mar needs to be convinced to revive these items, as he has indicated that the community had its day with respect to these measures. The board needs to solidify what our approach will be to the City. Do we need to have petitions? Community discussions? One on one discussion with John Mar? These considerations must be addressed in 2010.
  5. Urban Forest – Charlene Prickett reports that we cannot pay for the removal of graffiti in the neighbourhood with the proceeds of casino funds. She suggests that the community buy the graffiti removal product, (from the general funds account) and distribute it to the households nearest common graffiti targets and ask them to be the caretakers of these areas. As a trial run, Peter Haley and Laura Brown will take a bottle of the cleaning product and monitor the mailbox between their properties. The City does offer cleaning services at reasonable cost, but does not offer timely service. Charlene will compile a list of the worst sites for graffiti in the neighbourhood and send it to Jane Perry. This list will map out the neighbourhood with respect to custodians of the sites for removal of graffiti.
  6. Membership – there was general discussion on how to increase our membership base. A suggestion was made to “invoice” for membership, by mailing out forms, having a drop off at the clubhouse, and by on-line registration. It was suggested that we advertise by two major signs, one on the Earl Grey School fence, (this will require the school’s permission) and one on the tennis court fence. The goal for 2010 is 500 members. The Federation of Community Associations suggests that non-resident membership fees be assessed at double the rate of resident membership fees; for the MRCA this is $90 per annum. It was proposed and generally agreed, that any non-resident renters of the clubhouse must buy a non-resident membership, in addition to the rental fee.

Meeting adjourned at 9:12 p.m.

Next meeting is 7:30 p.m. Monday January 11, at the clubhouse.