Mount Royal Community Traffic

As a new volunteer with the Mount Royal Community Association, I was drawn to join the association due to concern over traffic and safety in our community. As a mother of a teenager and a four-year-old, two dogs and a home that faces the street affectionately known as “The Mount Royal Highway”, I have personally witnessed countless traffic violations and unfortunately, several accidents. As anyone in the community is aware, the proximity of Mount Royal to the Downtown results in influx in commuter traffic, which is a growing concern just as Calgary is a growing city.

I would like to take the time to understand the concerns regarding traffic and the needs of the community toward the goal of a safe yet accessible community. If you have a concern or a comment regarding traffic, please email Traffic at MRCA

Jodi Morel


To report an issue regarding safety and traffic in our community, please call 311. You are welcome to email me as well and I can follow up. Please note that images speak louder than words, so if you are able to document any concerns with a photo (cell phones are wonderful things) please do so.

Traffic numbers indicate high levels of traffic on streets designed for 1000 or less vehicles per day. Full report data available here: mrca_traffic_stats

An article published by the Calgary Herald regarding traffic calming measures and issues in our community – available here: Project-Calgary_-Neighbourhoods-embrace-traffic-calming

Also to note, there have been many inquiries regarding limiting parking on community streets.  To limit parking, a petition must be signed by those who live on the street in question, and the time limit is decided by the residents.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Historical Data

MRTCPlan16Nov11 at the MRCA AGM – Finishing The Job,Nov 16, 2011.