AGM – 2015 Minutes

MRCA AGM- November 18, 2015



Meeting called to order 7:10

Motion to approve Agenda

  • Geraldine
  • Seconded Susan



Motion to approve November 19, 2014 AGM Minutes

  • Amendment to Minutes that membership should read 1% lower Mount Royal
  • Charlotte, Seconded – Susan


Treasurer’s Report for 2015

Casino revenue was received as per financials

New Casino in September 2015- $73,110.06 received

Next Casino in Spring 2017


Approximately $32,000 to be spent by May 2016


Money must be spent within 24 months of being received


Financials not completed by Auditor, to be approved by board at later date


Motion to appoint an auditor– FCC has been used in the past and would like to use again

Motion- Alexis, Seconded- Ken



Committee Reports


  1. Traffic- Jodi Morel

Submitted a report to the city of three specific areas:

  • 8th street in front of the school- speed bumps, paths, traffic calming measures
  • Colbourne due to speed of traffic- hard to calm because of its access to 14th street- city has suggested of no turns onto 14th – perhaps speed bumps
  • 8th and Royal avenue- currently a complicated intersection and there is hesitation by the city to address and we may need to fundraise for an established solution


Detour plan is still in place for the 17th avenue construction – should be released within the next week- Jodi would like community members input


SLOWYYC- trying to lower speed limits to 40km on residential streets



What are we doing to stop traffic coming through? MRC is difficult due to the fact that it’s a throughway in the middle of everything and there are not any major routes that traffic can be diverted to


Suggestions of going to the police website and registering infractions to encourage the police to come out and ticket


Recommendation is to send letters to MLA and mayor to apply pressure to the city to slow down the speed limit.



  1. Membership- Geraldine Nolan


410 members down 419

Tennis Keys 98 last year, 110 this year


Membership breakdown is

33% of homes in upper Mt Royal

1% in lower Mt. Royal


Question about the rate of ownership v. rental- in lower Mt. Royal 40/60 for rental/owner



  1. Facilities & Booking- Alexis and Ben


Ben- Facilities – overview of activities


  • Hedges removed in October
  • Updated LED lights outside
  • Sewer issue a few month ago has been resolved
  • Net in the tennis court- slack in the net that continues to be a problem- may need to replace a pole
  • Courts to be resurfaced in (2019-20) – however heavy usage and may be done in 2016- it costs about 15k for each court
  • Roof to be done in the next month (10-12K)
  • Looking into replacing the exterior lights over the field- challenges with having the right contacts and pricing- latest is to see if Enmax will replace lights to LED and community can pay for difference between that and the cost of a regular light that Enmax would normally install


Alexis- Bookings


  • Well-used, solid bookings almost every night



  1. Events


Overview of past events

  • Wine event, well attended, wine distributor supplied wine, event tickets cleared cost of food
  • BBQ, weather held, rain just at clean up, attendance and costs similar to previous year
  • Progressive Dinner- review if prices were too high for next, attendance was down from previous year, more hosts than attendees, dessert was at station, ideally look for host home


Suggestions of events for next year:

  • Winter Solstice, events can possibly support Charlene with event on Evamy Ridge
  • Highlanders event, be more pro-active with notification to community, try to make better attended


  1. Development
  • Fewer applications, nothing of immediate concern


  1. Safety
  • Close discussions and updates with police
  • FCC workshop – Gun’s & Gangs participation
  • Continue to engage community along with Ruth
  • Safety updates – monthly or bi-monthly


  1. Public Open Spaces – Motion to approve official name change from Mount Royal Beautification to Public Open Spaces
  • Protection and preservation of Hillcrest – Boulevards and Traffic Circles
  • Elms are becoming diseased and should be monitored
  • Cotoneaster hedges are being infected by oyster shell, encourage residents to cut them down in order to save them and stop it spreading.
  • Dealing with the homeless issue on Glencoe Hill, safety concerns, working with by-law, police and parks to help
  • Involved with cleaning up official parks
  • Trail System, green space present in MRCA is mostly in the escarpment. Hope is to have people use the parkland, creating a total network from Mission/Cliff Bungalow to Elbow Park. Sifton Blvd to 8th St using existing pathways.

Motion to change official name from Mount Royal Beautification to Public Open Spaces

Charlene, Seconded – Peter


  1. Newsletter
  • Mid-year vacancy but hope to have replacement elected tonight


Old Business- Business Plan was completed


New Business- Motion to Approve new slate of Directors

Harry, Seconded – Ken


Next meeting- Board Meeting December 7, 2015


Adjournment – 9:09 pm